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A Brief History of Colton Christian Church

"Our ministries are driven by our church members, 

who have a great love for our Lord and for the lost."

How much effect can a little corner church have on people? The story of Colton Christian Church is a wonderfully sweet story. In fall of 1939 a tent meeting was held on the lot where we now gather. Percy Krewson became the very first pastor of Colton Christian Church. He then worked to build not just a congregation, but a building as well. The congregation of our mother church raised the funds and purchased our property for $1000.00.


That first building went up in the summer of 1940 for a total cost of $500. By 1954 attendance was up to 40. Ground breaking ceremonies for a new sanctuary were held on May 23, 1957 an the building was completed on August 3rd, 1958. A new fellowship hall followed in 1962.


In 1983, boys from a local scout troop put in the sidewalk, which runs along Mt. Vernon next to the church. A lawn area, wall and small fence followed and times were good throughout the rest of the 80's. But times became tough for this church in the 90’s.  By 1996 attendance had dropped to just 16 people. Pastor Tom Harvick worked hard to revive this very special church.


In 2000, attendance was back up to more than 70 every week. Around that time, Pastor Tragically, Tom Harvick passed away...and his dear friend of many years, Tom Dicus, took the position of new pastor, accepting the challenge of a, once again, growing congregation.


As the leader of this community church Tom has not rested and our effect on this neighborhood and indeed even on the Kingdom of Heaven, has been relentless. The people who have stepped foot on this piece of land over the last 70 years have participated in a profound body of work: a body of work that if he were here, would shock pastor Krewson…who stood looking at this land and wondering what could be done here.

The Future of Colton Christian Church


At Colton Christian Church we are blessed to be able to say that we have consistently reached and exceeded the goals of our past. As we look toward our future, these goals include: helping to plant other churches in the Inland Empire, establishing an internet radio program, offering a variety of short term mission trips for our youth and adults, continuing physical ties with various international mission outreaches, offering more home bible studies in our area, coordinating with other churches in the Inland Empire to offer an annual church-wide outreach for our cities, as well as partnering with organizations like 'first 5' to address the needs of our children, to continue our work with at-risk youth in our area and to always serve as a warm harbor of hope and Christian love for anyone feeling spiritually lost.


These goals are designed to help us stretch, grow and mature. We pledge to use the gifts given to us to bring honor and praise to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We can’t help but think what a delight it would be in 5 years to look back and realize that we had indeed set the bar…a little too low.

Colton Christian Church - A Church of Second Chances - A Place to Belong Colton Christian Church - A Church of Second Chances - A Place to Belong

Colton Christian Church Today


Colton Christian Church today is a vital and active urban ministry, committed to a biblical philosophy of giving individuals a 'helping hand up.' Our current programs are designed to provide growth spiritually, emotionally and physically with an emphasis on measurable results. Our current programs include (but are not limited to); English and Contemporary (Living Water Ministry)Services, Christian education classes from nursery to high school in both, bible studies for all adult ages both during the week on the church campus as well as in various homes throughout the cities of the Inland Empire in both English and Spanish. We offer Solution Saturdays which provide the following activities: feed the hungry, a health clinic and clothing ministry. We have monthly men's prayer breakfast, a women's luncheon, the women's annual conference, summer and winter camps for youth. We are actively involved in programs to help those families who have a member incarcerated like 'angel tree' and 'Kairos' as well as serving as home to a weekly AA group.


The above mentioned activities are available to all, without charge. Those activities that require funds are cover by donations or love offerings. We are able to offer these programs, because of the love and devotion of the church members.

Our Staff

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